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CR-Gold provides cost effective direct mail services and solutions through innovative brands, products and pricing.

Targeted Mailing Lists

Revolutionary Mailing Lists! Imagine a targeted prospect list that actually caps your Postage costs at just 18.6 cents per piece!

Full Color Printing Services

BYOD Printing Services. Bring your own design. Do you have access to print ready artwork?
Then prepare to tap into the world of manufacturer level pricing! Print Ready/No Touch Artwork = Discounts

Complete Mailing Services

B2B Mailing Services. Statement & Invoice Processing/Envelope Mail. Start to finish - or anywhere in between - whatever your needs are.

B2C Direct Mail. From 5 to 5 million. Volume = Discounts

CoAutomated Marketing Solutions on the MarkSYS platform

Direct Mail Campaign Development Platform/Dashboard/JobBoard.
Industry Specific Solutions, Cost Effective Direct Mail Solutions. Schedule your Demo of the platform today!

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Complete Direct Mail Services
For Small & Medium Businesses

Backed by high volume production facilities on both coasts and a network of trade printers and mailers nationwide, we are headquartered inside the Chico Municipal Building in beautiful downtown Chico.
We are proud to have the support of Chicostart - a startup incubator/initiative launched in 2013 to foster an entrepreneurial community and jumpstart our economy.

Cost Effective Turnkey Direct Mail Solutions

We leverage years of cost effective direct mail experience, harness the amazing wealth of knowledge that big data has brought to the table, and provide turnkey direct mail solutions to small and medium businesses.

Concept. Planning. Data. Support. Analytics.

Whatever your direct mail marketing needs are, from pURL's to automated mail tracking, we can help.

Wholesale pricing, printing & production capabilities.

From 5 to 5 million. Whatever your direct mail marketing needs are, please contact us today to sign up and learn more!

List Acquisition/Prospecting to Consumers/Conquest Data - B2C

Want to acquire new consumer customers?
With nearly unlimited geographic, demographic and lifestyle selections, we will help maximize your ROI with agency level planning and advice, while minimizing your costs with our volume-based competitive pricing.
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Printing & Mailing Services/Facilities

Here's the scoop: Printing is a commodity, isn't it?
Sometimes it's less expensive to print here...sometimes there.
Sometimes East Coast; sometimes Midwest or West Coast.
So what sets us apart?
By tapping into our nationwide network of 20+ high volume printers and mailers, you always pay the lowest price!

Drive Your Costs Down!!!

Control the entire supply chain from start to finish.
We keep your costs super low and pass these savings on to you.
It's like having your very own online, wholesale print network!

Email: info@cr-gold.com / or call Toll Free:


Mailing List Services

Our mailing list acquisition services are beyond compare. Our data partners include industry heavyweights Acxiom, Experian, CIS, Epsilon, Avrick Direct and HomeData. If you've ever rented a mailing list with any sort of demographic/lifestyle selections, chances are the data originated with one of these major compilers.

Data Partners/Providers

Available Targeting Selections

Complete demographics, lifestyles, real property data available. Databases updated monthly.
Last update: December 4, 2018 with applicable NCOA expirations up to February 5, 2019

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Use EDDM? Try targeted EDDM w/real demographic qualifiers.

Imagine having the ability to target your EDDM piece (or any direct mail piece) to the carrier routes you select not only based on your particular geography, but also on your particular demographics ...not the pre-defined, Census-based median selects easily available elsewhere. Don't get pigeonholed! Knowing what the median income/age on a route is nice...but knowing what routes have high concentrations of swimming pools is valuable. Especially for people in the pool industry!

Looking for neighborhoods within a 50 mile radius with household incomes of $250,000+ and who live in 3000+ square foot homes?
We can find them.
Or who own dogs and drive Fords? Or...whatever.
You choose the qualifiers and demographics.
Yep, it's true. We can do that.

And you choose the geography, so you can help control your own costs!

Discover large concentrations of your best prospects - nearby or even far away - and mail something to them! Data available nationwide.

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Predictive Analytics

Want to find more customers just like your best customers? Tap into our additional processing services. Upload your customer list (securely) or just tell us who to look for. We'll be able to find more people like them, and provide you with in-depth demographic info about them for you to target. Or, we can even find out additional demographic info about your responders. The priceless intel and opportunities are endless...


Customized Market Penetration Analysis also available!

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Wholesale Printing/Mailing Services - nationwide coverage

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