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    offer similar levels of detail (Acxiom, Avrick Direct, CIS, Epsilon, HomeData and Experian).
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  • * Census data is based on Census blocks as opposed to individual households.

Most Popular Experian ConsumerView selections:

2010 Census - Age Ranges* (under/over 18; over 65)

2010 Census - Households with Children* 2010 Census - Index of Social Position for Small Areas* (ISPSA)

2010 Census - Median Home Value*

2010 Census - Married Couples with Families* Age - Estimated Age (ranges)

Business Owner (Presence of)

Buyer - Health and Fitness Magazine

Children - Presence of

Children - Number of

Children's Age Ranges

Donor/Contributor - Non-profit

Donor/Contributor - Political

Donor/Contributor - Religious

Dwelling Type (Single-family vs. Multi-family) - included for FREE!

Home - Estimated Available Equity Range

Home - Estimated Current Mortgage Amount Range

Home - Estimated Current Value

Home - Improvement Value

Home - Mortgage Loan Type

Home - Refinance Loan Type

Home - Total Value

Home - Purchase Price

Homeowner/Renter - included for FREE!

Income - Estimated Income Producing Assets (IPA)

Length of Residence

Marital Status

Net Worth

Property - Home Property Type (Residential, Condominium, Duplex, Apartment, etc.)

Property - Swimming Pool

Property - Year Home Built

Other Available Experian ConsumerView selections:

2010 Census - Ethnicity* (% of various available)

2010 Census - % Dwelling Units Owner/Renter Occupied*

2010 Census - Average Household Size*

2010 Census - Married Couples*

2010 Census - Median Dwelling Unit Age*

2010 Census - Median Household Income*

2010 Census - Median School Years Completed*

Age - Adult Date of Birth

Auto - In the Market – New

Auto - In the Market – Used

Buyer - Craft/Hobby Merchandise

Buyer - Culinary Interests Magazine

Buyer - Do-It-Yourself Merchandise

Buyer - Family/General Magazine

Buyer - Female-Oriented Magazine

Buyer - Gardening/Farming Magazine

Buyer - Gifts and Gadgets Merchandise

Buyer - Male Merchandise

Buyer - Merchandise Books

Buyer - News and Financial Merchandise

Buyer - Opportunity Seekers Merchandise

Buyer - Photography Merchandise

Buyer - Religious Magazine

Buyer - Specialty Foods Merchandise

Buyer - Upscale Merchandise

Education (various levels)

Ethnicity - Group/Language/Religion


GreenAware (eco-conscious levels)

Head of Household Home - Down Payment (Percentage of)

Home - Equity Loan Amount (in Thousands)

Home - Equity Loan Type

Home - Equity Term

Home - Estimated Available Equity

Home - Estimated Current Loan to Value

Home - Estimated Current Mortgage Amount

Home - Estimated Mortgage Payment Range

Home - Mortgage Rate Type (fixed vs. variable)

Home - Purchase Date

Home - Refinance Amount (in Thousands)

Home - Refinance Rate Type (fixed vs. variable)

Home - Refinance Term

Home - Septic System

Home - Total Taxes

Home - Type of Purchase (new construction vs. resale)

Property based selections

Property - Air Conditioning

Property - Building Square Footage

Property - Exterior Wall Type (aluminum, brick, stone, etc.)

Property - Fireplaces

Property - Flooring (type of flooring)

Property - Home Building Construction Type (brick, frame, steel, etc.)

Property - Home Heating (type)

Property - Land Square Footage (lot size)

Property - Number of Bedrooms/Bathrooms & Total number of rooms

Property - Number of Stories

Property - Realty Home Land Value (assessed)

Home Business (Presence of)

Investment Property - Additional Investment Flag

Investment Property - All selections are available for investment



LifeStyle - Clubs/Collectibles/Computers/Electronics/Crafts/Cooking

LifeStyle - Entertainment/Finance/Investing/Health/Fitness/Hobbies

LifeStyle - Magazines/Military/Music/Pets/Reading/Shopping

LifeStyle - Social causes/Sports/Travel

Mail Order Responder

Mosaic Household

Mosaic Household Global

Mosaic Z4

Mosaic Z4 Global

Number of Adults

Number of Persons

Occupation Detail/Group/Type

Person Type (PDM, Elderly Parent, Young Adult, Other)

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